Shopping for College: What to Wear as a Freshman

Going to college is a dream that enchants most students. It is a place where students come an inch closer to their academic goals through learning, exploring, and enjoying.   Thinking of going to college, therefore, is a feeling that excites and enthrals almost all students. If you are one of the students with butterflies in your stomach and are all set to go to college,  you must imagine yourself and think about making it as unique as possible. Indeed, you must be concerned about your dress, because high school and college are two different institutions, not just in education but in fashion too.

If you are worried about what to wear as a freshman to make a statement, you do not need to fret about it. Here is a brief guide on what to wear and what not to wear for college.

Dress Code Mantra:

Before we discuss the dress suitable for college, you need to remember that there is no such thing as fresher’s fashion, Sophos fashion, etc. One rule that reigns the college dress code: Wear stylish and comfy.

 At college, students are so busy with their studies and other activities that they rarely opt for professional attire such as pants, coats, high heels, etc. they rarely get time to style their looks every day. Therefore, they need something simple and easy to manage that looks neat and stylish to carry. So, simple, stylish, and comfy is the mantra you must keep in mind while shopping.

Pre-Shopping Checks:

There are a few things that you have to check while shopping to save your time, energy, and money to make a trendy statement. It would be best to brainstorm your outfits before buying them because your personality largely depends on your dress sense and style.

  1. Comfortable:

First of all, choose the dresses you are comfortable in. Short skirts can be in fashion, but if you are not comfortable wearing them, you will not be able to pull off your style confidently. To look flawless, it is essential to be comfortable and confident wearing it.

  • Weather:

Keep the weather in mind while shopping for the college. Make sure you buy what is suitable for the weather so you do not waste your time and money buying useless outfits. Do not spend much money buying summer outfits if you join the college in winter or vice versa.  

  • Repurpose outfits:

While buying clothes, consider them an object and consider how many ways you can style one outfit. Repeating a dress haunts students, but with a few tips and tricks, you can make a single dress look different in many ways. 

Things you should buy for college:

Blazer and jeans:

Blazer and pants never outdate, at least not in making a fashionable statement. You can pick a blazer and pair it with comfy jeans to make a stylish appearance. It looks very trendy as well as sophisticated. So you can pick up some attractive blazers for your college.


Plains do wonders, both for girls and boys. You can take advantage of plains by pairing them with a designed piece of cloth, but pairing them with another plain clothing item is perceived as cool and trendy. If you are not tight on a budget, you can buy matching plains and make a real deal with your fashion sense in college.

Sweat pants:

Well, there are contrary thoughts on whether or not sweatpants are acceptable for college. To some, sweatpants are very casual, but many think that pairing them with a comfy hoodie makes a perfect go-to style for college. But I think that sweatpants are incredibly comfy and make you look dapper.

Denim all the way:

The retro fashion is back in the game and in the college too. Going with denim from top to bottom is another chic style you can pull off remarkably. A denim coat can be paired with jeans and a plaid shirt. You can opt for baggy bell-bottoms and skinny jeans, as you prefer. Stylish

Puffy sleeves:

Dear girls, you can choose a comfortable shirt with puffy sleeves as it is fashionable. The big and puffy sleeves trend has become a head-turner and is expected to get bigger shortly. It is a modish, trendy, and elegant fashion that can be styled with a denim bottom or linen pants.

Tee and jeans:

You could not have expected it, but you can go as simple as you can by wearing a simple tee with jeans. Tee and jeans are the most comfortable, simple, and easy-to-go dress code, which is acceptable in college. It does not only give you a subtle look but will also improve your style quotient. In college, it is better to wear semi-casual attire, and a tee and jeans are a perfect fit. Baggy tees and baggy jeans styled with wedges are a trend going well for many years now. So, you can keep your college fashion simple and chic with a simple and affordable dress. So, you can add as many tees and jeans to your cart and get your shopping stress off your mind.

Comfy shoes/ tip top shoes:

When you are done with tops and bottoms, you must pay close attention to the footwear. For boys, sneakers and sports shoes are the best casual shoes. High heels will go well with a blazer and jeans, while sneakers can go with the rest of attires. Girls must have a bunch of sneakers and sandals.

What you should never wear to college:

We talked about what you should wear for college; now, you must also know what you cannot wear to college to save yourself from spending money on buying a futile dress.

  1. Popped collars:

Any shirt with popped collars was an excellent style statement in the 2000s, but not today. Stop yourself from buying any top with big, fluffy, popped-out collars.

  • Gym clothes:

While you can wear whatever you want and usually opt for a casual dress, you must avoid wearing gym clothes to college. Because no matter how much casual style you opt for college, you must not choose gym clothes as they give a laid-back and highly comfortable look, which does not suit the code of an educational premise.

  • Leggings as pants:

Nothing looks worse than wearing leggings as pants, at least not in college. You can wear leggings under a maxi but avoid wearing them in place of jeans under a shirt or jumper.

Bottom Line:

In a nutshell, there are different styles that you can pull at the college, as long as you are comfortable in them, and they are ideal for the weather conditions. Remember that when shopping for college, you opt for simple, stylish, and comfortable outfits instead of funky,  formal, and glamorous ones. Please do not go too casual or formal; keep it somewhere in between and rock the style you are comfortable in the most. 

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