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How can a New Mom Balance having a Newborn and a Job?

Balancing a job with a demanding newborn is challenging, which demands proper parental planning considering that you are adopting a new role of a mother at your job. It is not easy to juggle motherhood and work.

Trying to balance the needs of the little one with sleep deprivation and focusing on giving your best shot at the job like before can be challenging and exhausting. Give yourself some time, don’t rush things or over-exhaust yourself, and you’ll ace it like a pro, the way you handled all your past challenges.

Navigating the first few weeks at the workplace and home after resuming your work takes self-care, patience, and planning, but as a working mother, you have to take on. The key is a focused and organized plan to ensure the balance between motherhood and profession. Here are some tips which certainly can benefit in juggling parenting and a job without being stressed.

Set a Parental Plan:

Establishing a parental plan will help you tackle the mother’s guilt, workload, exhaustion, and emotional burst. When you are aware of your plan and priorities beforehand, then it will be less stressful.

Find Trustworthy Childcare:

While you are at work, it is crucial for peace of mind to know that your child is getting the care in the best way possible. You will work better if you have a good relationship and confidence in your childcare provider.

If you are opting for a nanny and babysitter, you must start with the person at least two weeks before resuming your job so that the baby can get used to the person other than their mommy. It is a good option to have a backup babysitting plan to avoid the end-moment hassle. Having another babysitter as a backup whom you can rely upon is good.

Go for Time Saving Hacks:

As a working mom with a newborn, you should go for time-saving hacks, which can minimize the stress factor by completing several tasks in a short time. Always prefer online grocery shopping rather than exhausting yourself by stepping your foot in stores. Plan your meetings and conference calls while commuting to combat busy schedules.

Prepare yourself for tomorrow night so your mornings will be smooth. Make your lunch and prepare your outfit beforehand so you don’t have to rush in the morning and stress out about being late. 

Communicate with the Line Manager:

The least stressful jobs are the ones in which the employer provides flexible benefits according to the employee’s needs to make them feel relaxed and increase their productivity. Advocate your needs and ask for flexible working hours or work from home on a weekday from the respective manager or employer.

Be ready to offer alternative solutions if things don’t seem to go as you want them to. Ensure your employer knows how you will continue to work after a baby without jeopardizing your productivity. Show them with your positive attitude and energy that you’re prepared to do your best without slacking off.

If you plan to be a pumping mother, talk about your pumping rights at work because the Labour Law legally protects working moms who pump since 2010. Employers should provide a comfortable private space with at least an hour’s break. Wear comfortable clothes to avoid any trouble during lactation.

Let The Guilt Go:

Going to work while leaving your little one with a nanny is challenging for you as a new mother, but instead of dwelling on that, you are not with your child. Letting go of the guilt will help you to cope with the stress and overwhelmingness. Think about your role in the organization and society. Be confident that you are financing your home, sharing the responsibilities with your partner, and setting an example for other working mothers.

Avoid Time-Wasting Distractions:

When you’re a new mom and playing a dual role, you are aware of the importance of your time. Be mindful and limit your distractions and time-wasting activities at work like long tea or lunch breaks and internet surfing.

At work, there can be a lot of tasks that need your attention, but your first focus should be on prioritizing your productivity. So, focus on your daily to-do list rather than talking and joking around with your colleagues to finish your work without procrastination.

Get a Supportive Team:

Resuming your work after a baby is demanding and stressful, so look for a supportive team to efficiently perform your role as a mother and a professional. Keep in contact with your colleagues and peers; it will help you in many ways; some of them may be working mothers, but their advice can be effective in venting off your stress.

Set Sleeping Routine:

Sleep is vital for both mental and physical health, so establishing a sleep routine for yourself by making your baby sleep simultaneously every night will help you get sound and tranquil sleep after a hectic day.

Adopt Healthy Eating Habits:

While you are working and breastfeeding simultaneously, you should look for a healthy and balanced diet that will be essential for your body’s strength and minimize the daily stress and tiredness. Go for a diet consisting of fruits, vegetables, and healthy fat and protein intake because your baby’s health will be linked with your health.

Plan Family Activities:

Spending quality time with your family is essential to nurture a healthy relationship and bonding with all the members. Plus, when you’re with your family, you will definitely experience some quality moments that are worthy of your time.

Give Yourself Proper Time:

Getting some time out for yourself, even when you know that you have other priorities, is essential. Do not slack off when it comes to your health; make your health your priority because, at this point, you’re not alone; your baby’s health depends on your health.

It’s never easy to be a working mom with a newborn, but by managing your time, and prioritizing your interests and house chores, you can excel in this new phase of your life; keep patience and provide yourself some time to get used to the situation and settle down. You’ll set an example for the other working moms and inspire them to resume their jobs after a baby.

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